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The AMBER Collection

With love and passion for the Indian culture and their unique embroidery skills, our collection explores those traditional and exquisite techniques in depth. The needlework designs were inspired by the delicately detailed geometric patterns with mirror inlay ceilings found in The Amber Fort in Jaipur.

Edgy, comfortable, and effortlessly feminine, our collection highlights the repetitive and symmetrical patterns that embellish the naturally sheer and flowy fabrics.

The fabrics, mainly earth tone colors, are embellished through intricate hand embroidery, computer embroidery or treadle machines while staying ethereal and minimalistic.

Timeless and beautiful like Amber!

The SUNSTONE Collection

The SUNSTONE Collection

The radiant Sunstone with its bright and rich carnelian orange glow of good vibes, inspired us when we created the collection. Often found in Northern Scandinavia, this gem reconnects to our true Scandinavian simplicity which is encapsulated in many of our silhouettes.

Relaxed yet feminine, our Sunstone collection combines simple shapes with delicate embroidery techniques and sun-inspired artworks - and a little bit of sparkle!

Bring an instant ray of sunshine into your life when you invite the Sunstone collection into your travels!

Timeless and Beautiful like a Sunstone!

The Shells Collection

The SHELLS Collection

Seashells tell stories of sandy walks on breezy shores, of rhythmic ocean blue waves lapping onto beaches. Their exquisite shapes, intriguing designs and everchanging colors inspired our Shells collection, designed as beautiful treasures and creating travel-worthy tales to tell.

Our timeless pieces are like Shells found from Scandinavian shores to the Caribbean sandy coasts. They will inspire, energize, create stories and empower you.

A handful of shells and a head full of dreams!