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About Us

Born in the dynamic and vibrant Dubai, Scarlett Poppies is a vivacious resort and beachwear brand.

Edgy, easy breezy and effortlessly cool pieces are designed by a cultural melting pot of designers. Influenced by tribal trends with a touch of Scandinavian flair, our styles are always ethereal and minimalistic. Contradiction meets opposition.

From a larger perspective – For a better tomorrow!

Sustainability preaches that humans should form harmonic relationships with the natural environment. By doing so, Earth’s natural resources and ecosystems shall be preserved, thereby sustaining and meeting the needs of future generations. Each individual can do his/her part in ensuring that this mission is sustainable.

At Scarlett Poppies, our mission is to produce beautiful styles in fabrics deriving from mainly natural materials manufactured under fair working conditions in the factories that we collaborate with. We see sustainability as an integrated process, not just in the final clothes that we are selling.

We choose materials and embroidery techniques carefully, always keeping the artisans' excellent craftmanship in mind to preserve these unique skillsets for future.

This is just one of many examples of how we look at sustainability as an integrated part of something so much bigger than just the end product offered to our customers!

 So, what else do we refer to when we talk about sustainable work processes?

  • Production processes should be ethical and sustainable from start to shipping. Everyone working in the vertical supply chain should work in a safe work environment and be paid fair wages as it is done with Scarlett Poppies
  • We aim to reduce our CO2 emissions by consolidating maximum goods with each forwarder and consolidate shipments. For the same reason, we only source fabrics from the country where a garment is also stitched. 
  • Packing material is carefully selected to live up to the highest standards. The majority of our hangtags are printed on FSC certified paper, as is the paper quality being used for shipping the garments B2C. The poly bags used for packing each individual garment are made of biodegradable plastic. We use unbleached tissue paper for packing
  • Marketing material: we think at least twice before going ahead with any printed marketing material and rather focus on good and user-friendly online presence
  • Photo shoots take place in Dubai (where our headquarter is based) and in nearby surroundings. Models that are based in Dubai so that none of us are required to travel to a photo shoot location

Sustainability is an endless continuous process. We are dedicated to not only make you look good when wearing Scarlett Poppies, but also feeling good about knowing the brand that you are shopping from.

Thank you for following us on our journey – and for creating a better tomorrow together! 🖤



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